Sometimes it can be cheaper to repair your broken blinds than it is to replace them in their entirety. If you truly like your blinds, then repairing them is often the best option.


Ask us about arranging an appointment to assess whether or not your blinds can be repaired cost effectively.


A fresh new look

The best type of blinds to ‘freshen up’ are vertical blinds – all we need to do is change the slats – the track and weights can be re-used saving you money in the long run.


Available in many different materials, colours and textures, these are perfect for updating your look in a cost-effective manner.

Getting in touch for blinds repairs is easy

Please feel free to call us to discuss whether or not your blinds may be suitable for repair or ‘refreshing’. Alternatively, pop into the shop and have a look at the wide range of different materials available.

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