Roof lantern blinds

Skytrak Roof Lantern Blinds


SkyTrak roof lantern blinds are a complimentary addition to your skylight or roof lantern, giving uninterrupted views with our wire free pleated systems. We provide a bespoke solution to allow for an unobstructed view to the outside. Offering a premium wire free pleated blind system. 

SkyTrak Blinds for Roof Lanterns open up your ceiling to the sky and maximise light flow making rooms look bigger and brighter. However, heat loss is an issue and incorporating a roof lantern to your extension will result in more heat loss compared with just a flat roof. Roof lantern blinds will help solve this problem and also look better, particularly at night.

All our roof lantern blinds are remotely controlled and powered by an integrated battery system and charged through solar energy.

SkyTrak is a pleated blind system designed specifically for lantern windows, or any ceiling void with a depth of 60mm or more.

  • No visible guide wires when the blind is open
  • Offers a fantastic dimout or blackout effect
  • Perfect for homes and even commercial offices
  • Suits lantern windows, or any rectangular ceiling void
  • Battery powered with solar charging
  • Light weight and without tension

There are no visible cables in our skylight blind system, since we use a belt drive to pull the blind across.

Fabric is cellular (double walled), and typically an opaque (or blackout) standard. The most popular colour is white, since most ceiling are white.

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